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My girls have been taking dance with Beloved Dance Academy for two years and and I could not be happier with their experience!  They wake up on dance days eager to get through school so they can get to Ms Amy's class and learn!


 I am so thankful that at the heart of their dance, there is always a lesson tied to biblical truths.  I have never heard of another studio that only dances to songs that are based in christian values.   Ms. Amy is teaching my girls to dance, have respect for themselves and love the Lord!  What an awesome gift! 


Recital time is the absolute BEST!  It is a postive experience for the audience and the dancers as the lessons are woven together to show the story of our God's love.


Thank you Beloved Dance Academy and Ms. Amy for your love and dedication to all the dancers lives that you touch.  We look forward to many more years at your studio!

My daughter started ballet with Miss Amy last fall and we have been highly impressed with her classes. She does an excellent job of teaching the girls dance, but that is kind of expected of a dance teacher, right?  Miss Amy, however, goes above and beyond and teaches their little hearts about God too. There have been many times during the week that my daughter will tell us something that we think she learned at church, but it is something Miss Amy taught them during dance class. She has a gift for picking the perfect songs and teaching the kids what they mean as they learn the dances. It has been such a blessing for our family.  My daughter's confidence has grown during this year and she is doing better with her presentations in school and isn’t afraid to get up in front of people any more. We are thrilled to have found Beloved Dance Academy and look forward to many more years of learning under Miss Amy.

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